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COO/ Owner

Shannon Yeske, COO/ Owner, is the daughter of the late Abe Hiebert (founder of Abe’s Door Service). She has been in the Overhead Door Industry for over 25 years. Shannon believes that the legacy of Abe’s Door has always had a strong focus on providing great customer service, making Abe’s Door the success it is today. She recalls her father’s pride in having his family involved in the business and ensuring that everyone put a strong focus on supporting customers.

As a young girl, Shannon remembers her father working day and night in order to complete projects and not disappoint customers. If it meant that he had to put in extra hours and on occasion that Shannon had to help to get this done, then so be it (yes, Shannon put together hardware and stacked door panels). Shannon remembers her father as one of the hardest working individuals in the industry.

Today, what excites Shannon about the business is that she is able to continue to build on her father’s legacy and that Abe's Door remains a multi generational family owned business, with a third generation now involved in running the business. Outside of work Shannon is a proud mother of two adult children, including her son, Travis Mair, who is the Service Manager at Abe’s Door. She is also a grandmother to six grandchildren. Shannon often enjoys travelling with her husband, as well as other family members. She is focused on giving back to the community and supports a number of local events throughout each year.

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