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Safety Systems

Miller Edge Rebel Eyes


The Miller Rebel Photoeye uses a light beam sent across door openings to prevent injury to personnel or equipment due to a door closing. If the light beam detects an obstruction a signal is sent to stop or reverse the motion. This Rebel is a high quality and long lasting photo eyes suitable for many applications. A great safety accessory, the Rebel can be out of alignment by up to 45 degrees and still detect an obstruction, leading to safer door operation. The unique rubberized jack and NEMA4 water-tight switch make it ideal for wet location use, including car washes. 

Miller Edge Light Curtains Cegard Max-114


An alternative to the Miller Rebel photoeyes, the Light Curtain provides added protection with up to 8' of safety coverage on a door opening. The light curtain uses a series of vertically aligned photo eyes attached near the door track to detect equipment or vehicles obstructing the doorway. This is especially important in cases where a large vehicle may stop under a door way and a single photobeam could pass under the vehicle's undercarriage without detecting a problem. The Miller Light Curtain also has an audible signal when an obstruction is sensed, making it easier to diagnose if your door is stuck open. With the ability to span up to 32 feet wide, the Light Curtain can be used for the majority of commercial and industrial door applications. 

Steel Craft Bottom Corner Safety Bracket TBRBFS3


The bottom corner safety bracket, more commonly known as the Failsafe Bottom Bracket, is used to prevent a door from crashing to the ground in the event of a cable failure. Although any door failure is a dangerous situation, the Failsafe Bottom Bracket can slow and stop a crashing door preventing damage to the door and more importantly, protecting personnel from serious injury or death. In the case of full view glass doors, the bottom bracket would prevent the glass from shattering in the event of a falling door. With safety in mind, there should be no other choice but a Failsafe Bottom Bracket.