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Steel Craft Bottom Corner Safety Bracket TBRBFS3


The bottom corner safety bracket, more commonly known as the Failsafe Bottom Bracket, is used to prevent a door from crashing to the ground in the event of a cable failure. Although any door failure is a dangerous situation, the Failsafe Bottom Bracket can slow and stop a crashing door preventing damage to the door and more importantly, protecting personnel from serious injury or death. In the case of full view glass doors, the bottom bracket would prevent the glass from shattering in the event of a falling door. With safety in mind, there should be no other choice but a Failsafe Bottom Bracket.

About the Manufacturer

Steel Craft, a proudly Canadian company, designs and manufactures commercial and industrial doors in Edmonton, Alberta. Built to the highest engineering standards, their in-house facility tests Steel Craft products against stringent industry standards to ensure you always get the quality and durability you expect.