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Miller Edge Light Curtains Cegard Max-114


An alternative to the Miller Rebel photoeyes, the Light Curtain provides added protection with up to 8' of safety coverage on a door opening. The light curtain uses a series of vertically aligned photo eyes attached near the door track to detect equipment or vehicles obstructing the doorway. This is especially important in cases where a large vehicle may stop under a door way and a single photobeam could pass under the vehicle's undercarriage without detecting a problem. The Miller Light Curtain also has an audible signal when an obstruction is sensed, making it easier to diagnose if your door is stuck open. With the ability to span up to 32 feet wide, the Light Curtain can be used for the majority of commercial and industrial door applications. 


Spans distances up to 32 feet
Waterproof housing (IP67)
No external interface box required
Simplified wiring

About the Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer of emergency stopping devices for motor-driven doors and gates, you can feel confident choosing Miller Edge for your photo optics safety technology.