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Cornell M100 Retrofit Fire Door Operators


The M100 is our top choice FireGuard Closing System that makes annual fire drop test easier, safer and more efficient. Conventional fire door closing systems use a spring release mechanism that requires resetting by a trained door systems technician, costing you time and money during annual testing. The M100 was created to address these issues and more. This system is installed on most Cornell products, but can also be retrofit on most other fire doors. 


Ease of Use - Resetting at floor level by pressing the ""open"" button
Simplicity - Triggered by alarm system, fire detection or power failure
Safety - Replace dangerous mechanical drop tests
Retrofitting available - Compatible with all Cornell doors, and can be retrofit to most other fire doors
Reduced Maintenance - Annual inspection by a trained technician is simplified


Retail, Highrise Construction,Hotels, Retail, Distribution, Hospitality, Educational Facilities, Healthcare Facilities

About the Manufacturer

Cornell has been in business for more than 180 years and their ERD10 door today is the culmination of their experience. They produce high quality fire doors and safety systems and stand behind all of their products.