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Need Door Service?

Schedule an appointment for routine maintenance and inspection to keep your doors running smoothly.


Preventative Maintenance

Without proper preventative maintenance overhead doors can fail at inconvenient times, costing you time and money. Let us help you identify potential issues and fix them before they become a problem. With free consultations we're here to help, whether you are looking for a routine preventative maintenance plan, or help fixing an ongoing issue. What you can expect from Abe's Door Service:

  • Inspection Services - Are you worried about the function of your doors? Ensure it stays running smoothly with an inspection from one of our qualified technicians. 

  • Multi-door Discounts for Inspection - Do you have multiple doors to service? Save money with discounts on multi-door inspections

  • Custom Preventative Maintenance Plans - We believe that doors should be serviced based on use cycles, not time. You don't service your vehicles based on time, why should your overhead doors be handled differently? We will create a custom maintenance plan based on frequency of use

  • Comprehensive Coverage - In addition to following the manufacturers' recommendations, we use Abe's 21 point comprehensive maintenance checklist to keep your doors running smoothly

  • Free Consultations