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Co-Founder/ Owner

Darren Hiebert, Co-Founder/Owner, has been with Abe’s Door Service for over 38 years. Darren started working at Abe’s Door Service at a very young age, learning to install and repair every door type available. Darren’s father, Abe (founder Abe’s Door), not only taught Darren how to do the technical work, but also how important it was to meet customer expectations – including commitments made to customers. Darren can recall several technically challenging jobs over the years. One job that stands out was removing a large rolling steel door (16’ x 16’) expanding the opening (to 20’ x 16’ with a 10’ highlift) – and having this finished in two days – to meet the customer’s needs.

Darren has always had a strong interest in researching and designing alternate solutions for non-standard openings or other challenging jobs. He has designed parts and come up with special builds over the years for a variety of different situations.

Darren believes a big part of Abe’s Door company culture is that the team will always find a way ‘to get the job done’ – with a focus on finding creative and innovative solutions that customers appreciate. In his free time, he loves to spend time with family, including taking trips with his wife or spending time with his grandchildren. He also enjoys a number of other activities, including mountain biking, riding his motorcycle and accumulating pilot hours when out flying his airplane.

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