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Why Your Overhead Door Needs the Steel-Craft Advantage

The Abe’s team chooses their doors carefully because we have always believed in quality installations, so it’s not hard to figure out why we’ve decided to work with Steel-Craft products.

Who is Steel-Craft?

Photo Credit:  Steel-Craft

Photo Credit: Steel-Craft

A proudly Canadian company, Steel-Craft has been designing and manufacturing commercial and industrial doors in Edmonton, Alberta for the last 55 years. Adamant to be created of only the highest engineering calibre, Steel-Craft’s in-house facility tests their products against stringent industry standards.These procedures ensure that their customers always receive the quality and durability they expect.

The brains behind the beauty came from Art Mihalcheon, who was originally an ornamental iron-maker. By building strong, beautiful iron railings and decorative products that lasted for a long time, he earned a name for himself through his art. He became known as a fearless innovator that refused to use cheap materials that might compromise his work.

Art soon realized there was a need for well-crafted steel products in the construction industry and decided to try his hand at overhead door innovation. ‘Lo and behold, Steel-Craft was born.

Photo Credit:  Steel-Craft

Photo Credit: Steel-Craft

Art’s commitment to quality and innovative thinking is still present at the company today. Because of his dedication to high-quality engineering tools, Steel-Craft has evolved into a top-notch, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

What is the Steel-Craft advantage?

You know the old adage: too much of anything is never a good thing? Well, that doesn’t apply here. At Steel-Craft, their team will insist they over-engineer everything, and stand by their claim with complete confidence.

Their doors are made for the wild Canadian climate. Steel-Craft doors have no open seams, and utilize a highly specialized, patented method (that has even steelmakers scratching their heads) to make sure all their roller bolts are nested in a triple fold of steel. Their doors also use a mechanical interlock mechanism that makes sure panels fit really tightly against each other, exterior-grade, double-finned steel/vinyl bottom weather stripping, and a continuous, arctic-grade vinyl floor seal to keep the cold out.

Photo Credit:  Steel-Craft

Photo Credit: Steel-Craft

In other words, those inhospitable  -40°C days of ours can’t touch these doors.

Their eco-friendly polyurethane insulation also offers twice the insulating power of polystyrene, offers superior resistance to mould and mildew, and will not soften or melt no matter the outside temperature.

Pick your favourite and get started.


Like we said earlier, the Abe’s team is a great fan of Steel-Craft products, and we currently stock the Steel-Craft Aluminum SA7000 doors.

The SA7000s are highly customizable doors, offering secure all-aluminum versions (for protection against break-ins), or a range of lite-panels to create beautiful, bright and open spaces. All of them come in custom paint options and vision lite options (including glass, acrylic, lexan polycarbonate, and thermoclear polycarbonate).

Just identify your company's needs and choose the door that will serve you best. After that, we'll handle the rest.   

The best part? When installed in conjunction with the Micanan Pro APTC, Abe’s will warranty the door against workmanship and defects for 5 years!

Find out more info here, and then let us know if you want to request a quote for a project. In the meantime, make sure you avoid any costly maintenance costs on your existing doors by following this preventative checklist: