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How Many of These Iconic Garages Do You Know?

Garages are boring, aren't they?

Garages can seem kind of boring… you drive out when you leave for work, you drive back in when you get home. What more could there possibly be to a concrete storage closet for your car?

Not so fast.

Firstly, not all of them are boring concrete boxes. Some people (us included) take their car-closets very seriously. They add colour-coordinated shelving storage, bench space, natural lighting, and organization for all their tools. Better yet: their garage doors are well-lubricated, modern works of art. See below:

Photo Credit: Vhomes.co 

Photo Credit: Vhomes.co 

Bells and whistles aside, some garages are just straight up iconic. In fact, Edmonton has a couple herself and some of them aren't even attached to a house!

If none of those looked familiar to you, we’re willing to bet that even the least enthusiastic garage owner will be able to recognize some of these world class beauties. Think you're up to the challenge? Give it a try and see how you fare!

Do you know whose garage this is?

Do you know whose garage this is?

Time for Your Winter Tune Up

In the end, regardless of how little you think of your garage, winter is not a time for joking around. Is your home ready to take on the cold? Secure your garage door by getting an Abe’s Winter Tune Up before we start hitting temperatures below minus 30. You may regret having an inoperable garage door by then!