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How To Decorate Your Garage Door For Halloween

Halloween and garage doors.

These two may seem completely unrelated, but when you get a little creative, it’s clear that garage doors were made to shine on Halloween. At Abe’s, we pride ourselves on great door service and garage door repair in Edmonton, but there’s one day a year where every overhead door can be even more.

This week we’re exploring how to get your garage ready for Halloween. Read on to discover how to get inspired, fuel, and execute your garage’s best October 31st yet.

Step One: Planning your display

Photo Credit: SimpleMost.com 

Photo Credit: SimpleMost.com 

This step can happen almost anywhere. You never know where inspiration will strike, and the first step to any successful overhead door transformation is having the initial idea to turn your home into something spookier. One of our favourites is this toothy monster door, but the potential for garage doors in Edmonton is endless. Check out Pinterest, brainstorm concepts with monsters, witches, zombies – this is where you can really let your imagination go.

A great place to start is leveraging the capacity your garage door already has. The one in the example used the opening and closing of the garage to really make the project come to life, but you could could leverage any aspect of your garage from the window panes to the colour of the paint. Turn your door into a large scary eye, a trap door, a cage, or do something totally different with such a substantial amount of space to work with.

Step Two: Stock up on supplies


Next, you’ll need to source the materials you’ll need to make your scary vision come to life. Second hand furniture stores and “as-is” sections are perfect places to find old furniture for wood and heavy components. Kijiji can also be a great place to find free materials, or even gently used art supplies. Lastly, thrift and fabric stores have an awesome selection of textiles, helping you create what we're sure will be one of the most unique overhead doors in Edmonton. 

Step Three: Make it happen


The toothy inspiration door took 10 hours to create, but about half of that was spent painting and prepping the materials. This step can seem intimidating at first, but the prep work can be broken up over several days, and it’s the perfect opportunity to enlist friends and family to get creative with you!

NOTE: Never add decorations that could affect the integrity or safety of your garage door.

And that’s it! As you can see, your overhead door can be the focal point of your home this Halloween, and once you’ve got an idea to run with, there are tons of resources available to help you bring it to life.

To keep your Edmonton garage door running smoothly the other 364 days a year, don’t miss our Preventative Maintenance Checklist!