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5 Garage Door Safety Features You Should Probably Have

Almost 25% of garage door injuries happen at work.

As a proud door company in Edmonton, that is a statistic we’re trying to help change. By spreading knowledge and encouraging safe practices, safer workplaces are possible, and we can all work together to bring the number of workplace injuries down. Keeping your overhead door up to date on safety features keeps staff protected, and can also save you on costly overhead door repairs. A safer overhead or garage door contributes to a safer and smarter shop.

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This week, we’re highlighting some of the most important garage door safety features that all overhead garage doors in Edmonton should be equipped with.

Find out how your business stacks up:

1. Bottom Reversing Edges

Does your shop’s overhead door have these? Bottom reversing edges can be found on the leading edge of your garage door. They’re usually air or electric articulated. When your garage door goes down and there’s something in the way (such as a staff member, piece of equipment, or office pup), this system will compress and send out a pulse. The pulse will signal the door back up, preventing injury and keeping a heavy garage door from causing harm.

2. Photo Eyes

All overhead doors in Edmonton should also have photo eyes. These are usually found about 6-18 inches off the ground, and there are two types: retroreflective and through beam.

No matter the type of photo eye, the concept of how they work is more or less the same. Photo eyes function by sending a signal from one end of your garage door frame to the other, creating a set of “eyes”. When something disrupts the signal between the two eyes while the door is on its way down, the door comes back up. Pretty fancy stuff.

3. Fail Safe Bottom Brackets/Anti-Fall Bottom Brackets

You can find this next safety feature guarding the bottom panel of your garage door. These brackets hang out at the bottom of your overhead door and are silent protectors until the door cables come off or brake.

In this case, the brackets deploy a mechanical brake that prevents your garage door from crashing down. This keeps your shop safe and protects your garage door itself from the major damage of a high-speed fall.


These are only three of many measures you can put in place to prevent workplace injuries caused by overhead doors.

...But wait, that was only three, and this blog post promised me five overhead door safety features?

Don’t worry – the remaining two safety features and tons more garage door expertise can be found in our Safety Meeting Toolkit. Check it out for complete advice and know-how from the experts of one of Edmonton’s top door companies.