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Top Four Considerations When Choosing An Overhead Door Company

Choosing the right overhead door company is just as important as choosing the right overhead door - and if you know how much we love doors, you know this isn’t something we take lightly! You will want to research the door you’re going to buy, but investing some of your time into also researching who will install and maintain it will go a long way. You wouldn’t trust a shifty tailor with your new favourite suit - and garage doors are no different.

Whether or not you have a go-to overhead door company, ensure you're up to date on your PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST so you won't need one as often.

We’d be thrilled if you gave us your business, but we encourage you to evaluate all your options and see for yourself how we stack up. Check out our top four considerations for choosing the best overhead door company.



All Edmonton overhead door companies will tell you they have great products. The first way to determine if a company is as reputable as they say they are is to look at the warranties they offer. You’ll want to look at the warranty on the actual products you’re purchasing, but also if the company guarantees their door installation in Edmonton. It’s normal for warranties to vary slightly between manufacturers, but a reputable company will guarantee their work and back it up too. If you ever need an emergency door repair, you’ll be relieved you took the time to make sure you’re covered with a great warranty.



The best in the biz will have the credentials to back it up. When you’re looking for a truly great door installer or door repair in Edmonton, credentials are a trustworthy metric. Not to brag (okay maybe we’ll brag just a little), but at Abe’s, we are very proud of our resume. We’ve got quite a few creds that we’d want our moms to put on the fridge including:

  • ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association)

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)

  • CDI (Canadian Door Institute)

  • IDA (International Door Association).

When you’re looking at credentials, pay attention to the quantity and also the range. The best companies will have local, national, and even internationally relevant credentials to back up their work.


Safety Compliance

If you’re a contractor, you’ll need to know if an overhead door company is even able to bid for your contract, or able to work on your jobsite, based on the compliance of their safety programs. Many companies are now required to have third party agencies to review and approve their safety program. Here are a few we’re compliant with that you may need to look for:

Also, here are a few that we’re not a part of that may also be good indicators of safety-compliant companies:



When it comes to an Edmonton overhead door company, it’s important to have both business and employee insurance. The most reputable (and trustworthy) companies will be happy to share their insurance details with you and show you their Certificate of Insurance. Any companies that are secretive or standoffish about their insurance should raise a big red flag in your books.


So, whether you’re hiring door installers for commercial doors, steel doors, bifold doors, or standard garage doors, we hope you consider who you hire as carefully as the final door you go with.

For more garage door advice, check out our Preventative Maintenance Checklist. You’ll find lots of money-saving tips and garage door repair and service tricks to show your door some love.