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5 Most Interesting Uses of Unique Garage Doors in Edmonton

If you’ve been reading our blog lately, you’ve learned a lot about us as a door company in Edmonton. You’ve learned about the types of doors we offer, the garage door repair services we provide, and about the practicality and safety of overhead doors. This week, we’ve decided it’s time to mix it up and look at another aspect of garage doors in Edmonton: creative applications.

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Edmonton is vibrant and thriving (especially in the summer!) and there are many local businesses with garage doors that add unique functionality and boost curb appeal up a pretty serious notch. Overhead doors aren’t just for commercial bays anymore (though we can still help with that).

Check out our 5 favourites:

Iconoclast Koffiehuis

Image credit:  The Local Good

Image credit: The Local Good

In the summer, you can walk right into Iconoclast and grab a fantastic cup of brew. There’s no awkward dance when you get to the entrance at the same time as someone else, and the open door adds tons of airflow to the cozy space. We love how the industrial vibe of the overhead door works with the simplicity of the space, and how the overhead tracks look right at home amid Macbooks and mochas.

Mercer Tavern

Image credit:  Explore Edmonton

Image credit: Explore Edmonton

Around 9 pm during the warmer months, you can catch some of the last rays of sun at Mercer Tavern through some of Edmonton’s most iconic overhead doors. When they’re open, the entire tavern feels like a patio and screams of summer. Even when closed, they function as huge paneled windows that create depth by emphasizing the tavern’s high ceilings and brick texture. These doors are especially unique because they aren’t even at ground level, demonstrating that there are no limits to the places garage doors can go.


Image credit:  Edmonton Journal

Image credit: Edmonton Journal

Sun’s out = doors up. Enjoying a cinnamon bun snack or eggs benny brunch at the Sweetest Place in Edmonton is elevated when the overhead doors are open. You can hear the patio chatter, see the sun shining, and feel a light breeze. We think these doors are extra great because they occupy so little surface area in the restaurant and maximize functional space in a way that traditional doors just can’t match.

The Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market

Image credit:  Ponderosa Jewellery

Image credit: Ponderosa Jewellery

Another set of our favourite overhead doors in Edmonton lives at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market. These doors keep the cold out in the winter for the year-round market, but significantly help with traffic flow in the summer. They made our list because they show a creative solution to a common traffic problem – letting shoppers flow easily in and out, and also giving vendors more access during setup and takedown.


Image Credit:  Yellow Pages

Image Credit: Yellow Pages

The perks of these garage doors are all about maximizing the view. Enjoying a bite and a sip at Daravara in the summer means you’ll also get an awesome, unobstructed view of city life on 124th street. As one of our favourite people watching spots, Daravara’s overhead doors make the whole space feel like an extension of the street.


As you can see, overhead garage doors in Edmonton can surprise you. There are so many creative ways to use overhead doors (and Edmonton door companies) to open up your space, even outside the realm of commercial shops and bays.

If you’re thinking about adding a new door to your business, Abe’s can help. We can even help you minimize your Edmonton door repair bill with our Preventative Maintenance Checklist that keeps it operating as good as new.