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5 Important Considerations For Commercial Fire Door Installation

Many buildings, from airports to office towers, have fire doors and emergency-response closures, and having the right equipment makes a huge difference in an emergency situation. When it comes to commercial fire door installation, you'll want to make the best choice for your organization. According to a study by the Institute for Research in Construction, Canadian fires have an estimated annual cost of over 11 billion dollars. With high financial and safety implications, the right fire doors can save your business in more ways than one: preventing spreading smoke and flames, containing the fire, and enabling escape routes.

At Abe’s, our expert door installers understand this important decision and are here to help you navigate the available options. Read on to discover five types of fire doors and safety features to consider when you select and install the right fire door:

1. Rolling Fire Doors & Insulated Overhead Doors

These doors offer up to four hours of protection, and they are suitable for any size of opening. Accordion doors can also be classified here, offering auto-closing mechanisms and up to three hours of protection.

2. Counter Fire Doors & Openings With Integral Frames or Sills

Fire doors for counters, frames, and sills are ideal for smaller openings around 12’ wide by 10’ tall. Units installed in these small openings can wrap around the respective wall, creating a secure and solid closure.

3. Traditional, Side-Hinged Man Doors

Functioning well as interior and exterior barriers, these fire doors boast ratings ranging from twenty minutes to four hours of protection. They are inconspicuous in their capabilities, and offer a multipurpose solution for entryway needs.

4. Labeled Smoke and Draft Control Assemblies

These barriers provide brush seals on door perimeters for both smoke and fire protection. They are activated by smoke detectors in the case of a fire, so you can simply install them and relax knowing they will activate when they are needed.

5. Auto-Opening Emergency Products

Fire door solutions that open on their own offer automatic access in emergency situations. They prevent forced entry, but release in the case of an emergency, giving you the functionality or a regular barrier with the safety performance of a fire door.

As a bonus, fire doors offer additional security barriers for your business. Insulated overhead doors in Edmonton can even offer great soundproofing benefits as they simultaneously keep your staff, structure, and building contents safer from commercial fires.

We hope this post has helped you understand some key features of commercial fire doors, to help guide your decision. Visit our fire door page to learn why our doors are the best choice. Cornell, our preferred manufacturer, has over 180 years of business experience and offers products with impressive capabilities such as size flexibility and automatic response, all with a durable, low-maintenance design.

Speaking of door maintenance, don’t forget to check out our Preventative Maintenance Checklist to avoid costly commercial door repairs in Edmonton: