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University of Alberta Hospital - Reliable and Durable Overhead Doors to Withstand Any Emergency

Sometimes, the right door can mean the difference between life and death.

We don't mean to get dark, but when the University of Alberta chose new overhead doors this was a very real consideration. A door failure is always frustrating, but for ambulance drivers responding to patients in critical condition, the situation can become dire when an overhead door emergency gets in the way of a 911 emergency. Abe won't always be riding along to save the day. In this case, only the most durable and reliable overhead doors will do.

[They may have the best doors for their ambulance bays, but the University of Alberta also keeps their SA6000 doors going by performing preventative maintenance; download our free checklist so you can do the same.]

There are plenty of overhead doors in Edmonton to choose from, but there is one that stands out for its superior reliability and quality. Take a look at the Steel Craft SA6000 aluminum doors, otherwise known as the overhead doors of the University of Alberta Hospital ambulance bays.

Steel Craft SA6000 Aluminum Doors

When responding to an emergency, response time is critical. When a door fails, even emergency door repair isn’t an option. As quickly as Abe's Door may be able to respond, the University of Alberta hospital doesn't want to worry about if their ambulance bay will open – they just need it to function. For that reason, they chose the Steel Craft SA6000 aluminum door, as it is a straight-up workhorse that is built for heavy use and lasts through multiple, frequent cycles.

The SA6000 highlights include:

  1. Made from heavy duty aluminum with kick proof triple-wall polycarbonate
  2. Durable and lightweight
  3. Ideal for parkade and other high-cycle applications
  4. Ideal for wet applications such as car washes
  5. Backed by a 15-year warranty

What’s more, the Steel Craft SA6000 doors also look great. Optional full-view sections offer maximum visibility and light transmission through a clean, contemporary aesthetic. For the University of Alberta, seeing what's on the other side of that ambulance doors allows drivers to prevent additional accidents and increase response times.

A Manufacturer To Trust

In addition to providing the durable and reliable SA6000, Steel Craft is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures industrial and commercial doors right here in Edmonton. Steel Craft holds all of their products to rigorous industry standards, allowing you to demand and expect the very best in overhead door performance.

These doors really are impressive and tough to beat (and we like to think we know a thing or two about doors). If you’re upgrading or installing new overhead doors and you're looking for the same reliability an ambulance driver requires in an emergency, we encourage you to consider Steel Craft SA6000 aluminum doors.


For the best running commercial door, steel door, or garage door, check out our preventative maintenance checklist to keep your overhead doors operating smoothly.