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How to Get (and Keep!) Pests out of Your Garage

The moment you spot a pest in your garage, it’s too late. Sure, a pest or two may not seem like a big deal, but home invasion could be next so it’s crucial to stop and use measures to prevent larger, or any pest problems in your garage. Can you feel that pang of anxiety after hearing tiny feet scurry away, or watching a dark shadow zip out of sight?

Now if that made you cringe – don’t worry. We’ll prevent that too. The expert door installers at Abe’s are here to help keep your heart stress-free by keeping your garage pest-free.

1. Clean Sweep

The first step to identifying and preventing a pest problem is clearing out your garage. This will help you spot problem areas, identify where pest problems may be manifesting, and start to correct the issues. This means dragging out all heavy containers and vehicles, and giving your garage a good old fashioned clean.

2. Identifying The Issues

Now it’s time to find (and start to fix) the issues. No matter what kind of overhead door you have on your Edmonton garage (bifold doors, commercial doors, steel doors, or traditional overhead doors), fixing the issues is mostly the same. We recommend spraying an organic pesticide around the perimeter of your garage. If you find any cracks or holes, fill them in with caulk and prevent little intruders from finding an easy route inside.

3. Extermination

To get rid of any pests that have invaded, use pesticides or traps, and contact a professional for any large pests (raccoons, skunks, etc.) or if the problem has become severe.

4. Fix The Damage

It’s also important to immediately repair any damage pests may have caused to your garage structure or doors, or get rid of any damaged items that may invite them to nest. It’s also important to organize your garage in this step to prevent issues from arising in the future. Look for problem areas where food and odors might accumulate and add thick plastic bins to organize your items, keeping your garage’s scent under control.

5. Repel and Prevent

The final step in securing your garage is making it less desirable to potential pests. Using pesticide regularly helps, as does keeping clutter under control, checking regularly for new holes and cracks, and maintaining a clean garage. Keep your garbage sealed, and store as many items as possible off the ground to give pests less cozy places to hide. The main goal here is to make your garage look very unappealing to unwelcome visitors looking for a new home.

Now if you made it through this whole post, you’re ready to welcome a fresh and pest-free garage this spring.

As always, our Preventative Maintenance Checklist is one of the best ways to keep your garage clear and worry-free, avoiding garage door service or emergency door repair! Click here for your FREE download.