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Prepare A Garage For Summer With These Four Simple Tips

Many people are quick to prepare their overhead doors for winters in Edmonton, but did you know it’s important to prepare for summer too? Your garage serves several different storage and utility purposes from season to season, so it’s important to make sure it’s ready to take on each one.

Spring is also a good time for preventative maintenance; if you haven't yet, take a look through our checklist to save your future self time and money!

Here are some tips from Abe to get your garage ready for an Edmonton summer:

TIP 1: Spring cleaning brings fun in the sun

Cleaning out your garage may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your Saturday, but it will be so worth it when the heat comes. All winter long, your garage has been keeping the snow out, and taking your dirty car in after a day in the slush. Show it some love with a thorough cleaning, and be sure to clean the front and back of your garage door too. Cleaning is integral to longevity, so a spring deep clean will keep your overhead door functioning longer by minimizing wear.

TIP 2: Organize and get inspired

Once your garage is shiny and clean, you can organize all your summer gear. Soon, it will (hopefully) be time to put the shovels away, and once your garage is organized, you may surprise yourself with newfound summer enthusiasm. You might even be inspired to plan a family camping trip when you see the tent that’s been hiding behind your ski equipment. Now is the time to invest in storage bin and vacuum bags to keep your garage neat all season; keeping it neat will help you keep it clean, again, ensuring wear is minimized on your garage and your gear.

TIP 3: Lubricate and inspect

The next thing to do is lubricate all the moving parts of your garage door to keep it smooth, quiet and well-maintained this summer. While you’re up close with each part, pay attention to how everything looks and sounds. It’s a good idea to have professional door installers come in for an inspection and/or garage door service any time something seems out of place. Since garage door warranty is based on cycles, not time, it’s a good idea to check out your owner's manual and estimate how many times you’re opening and closing your door in a day to get a true idea of when to service. Then, between professional services, check out our blog post on how to lubricate your overhead door like a pro.

TIP 4: Keep the heat in check

Our final tip is to consider insulating or upgrading your overhead door. Weather stripping isn’t just for keeping cold and snow out in the winter - it also keeps bugs, heat, and dust out of your space in the summer. Extreme temperatures are hard on machinery so overhead door insulation in the summer is no exception, for all doors from commercial to bifold. Residentially, proper insulation on an attached garage can help keep your house cooler and more comfortable all summer long. Whatever your overhead door’s purpose, weather stripping works hard to keep the dirt, dust, and weather out, so it’s normal for it to wear out. Ensure you inspect it this spring, and replace if needed.

Once you’ve gone through all these tips, your garage will be as ready for summer as you are. Just a few more weeks now..

To keep your garage at its best and avoid overhead door repair in Edmonton, check out our Preventative Maintenance Checklist: