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Tips and Tricks To Repair a Garage Door Opener

Whether your garage door opener in Edmonton just stopped working, or it’s been broken for some time, there are some basic tips and tricks you can try to get it up and running again before you call in a professional.

There are three main types of overhead door openers: belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. The good news is, the working parts of each are alike, so the door repair process is similar.

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Step One – Know the parts

Usually, openers for garage doors, bifold doors, commercial doors, and steel doors have three main parts. The first is the transmitter or handheld remote, which works with a receiver that accepts signals and communicates commands to the rest of the system. There is also a control button inside your garage that lets you open and close your door from within the garage. Finally, there is a warning device that identifies debris in the garage door’s path, and lets the system know when it’s safe to close.

Step Two – Identify the source

Finding the source of the problem can be the trickiest part. Here are some common scenarios:

Problem A) The remote doesn’t work, but the button inside the garage does – This means the problem is with the transmitting of your garage door opener.

Problem B) One remote works and one doesn’t – There is a problem inside the remote that isn’t functioning properly.

Problem C) The door won’t stay down – The problem is probably with your safety sensors and not your remote at all.

Problem D) Neither remote works – The problem is most likely in the receiver of your garage door opener motor.

Step Three – Fix your opener

The most common fix: More often than not, the problem is just dead batteries! Make sure to test the batteries in your remote and in the button inside your garage first to eliminate this as an issue.

Now, if the problem is with the transmitting and receiving capabilities of your system, you’ll need to call in the pros. That said, there are a few possible solutions you can implement on your own.

For solving problems A, B, or C: The most common solution for problems A, B, and C is purchasing a new remote or part. You can order what you need online, and today there are tons of replacement garage door opener remotes, receivers, and even radio control systems available. You can also order new safety sensors, which are usually universal and work in almost any garage.

If you’ve ordered a new remote, programming it is easy. If you have an older unit, all you have to do is make sure both sets of DIP switches are in the same positions. If you have a newer unit, there will be a “learn” button, which you can use to match the components together.

For solving problem D: Finally, if the problem is in the receiver, repairing it is often quite easy. Usually all you have to do is replace the old wires, but if wiring isn’t your strongest area, this might be a good time to call in the professionals.  

Remember to always work on your overhead door repair in Edmonton with the garage door closed. If nothing is working or you can’t find the source of your problem, don’t stress. Garage door service and the expert door installers at Abe’s are only ever a phone call away.

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