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Four Reasons A Garage Door Should Never Be Left Open Overnight


It can happen to the best of us: forgetting to close your garage door at the end of the day. The act may seem small, but the implications can be huge. Did you know there are four key reasons to double check your garage and never leave your door open all night long?

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He has seen it all, but here are Abe’s top four reasons to never leave your garage door open overnight:

1. Thieves

Most thefts are crimes of opportunity, so leaving your garage door, bifold doors, steel door, or commercial door open overnight creates a huge (and easy) opportunity for thieves. Even if you live in a quiet, safe neighbourhood, there’s no way to know when a potential thief will pass through looking for a new target. Forgetting to close your overhead door in Edmonton could cost you your bike, tools, or even the vehicles stored in your garage.

2. Home Security

The contents of your garage aren’t the only things at risk when you leave your garage door open. Leaving your overhead door open is especially risky if you have an attached garage. An open door removes one of the barriers between your home and the street and can make it easier for intruders to access the contents of your home while you sleep.

3. Pests

Forgetting to close your garage door also leaves you at risk to non-human intruders. In extreme cases, pests can even damage the door itself, which can require extensive overhead door repair. Luckily for you resident’s of Edmonton, Abe’s Door is here to help, but we’d rather not see our customers experiencing damage that could have been prevented. Once they’re in, pests have the capacity to also damage your belongings, invade your vehicle, and even nest in the safety of your garage. Keep your garage door closed overnight to keep pests out.  

4. Weather

Finally, an open garage door leaves you exposed to all weather hazards that may occur overnight. Heavy rainfall can damage items in your garage if the overhead door is left open, snow can build up and be difficult to shovel out, and strong winds can blow debris into your space. Further, your garage may not have proper ventilation, and too much moisture can cause rot in your structure.


At the end of the day, leaving your garage door open all night compromises the safety of your home and leaves both you and your belongings at risk. Keeping your garage door shut can save you more than you’d think!

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