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Top Ten Reasons A Garage Door Won’t Work

Top Ten Reasons A Garage Door Won’t Work

One of the most frustrating things about daily life in Edmonton is the cold weather commute from work, school, and errands. The frustration can be much worse if your garage door isn’t working. When it’s freezing cold, you need to get yourself and your vehicle in your garage, so the faster you can diagnose the reason your overhead door won’t work, the faster you can get back to normal.

You can also check out our preventative maintenance checklist to help keep your garage door operating smoothly so you’ll never have to experience these issues!
Here are our ten top reasons garage doors can malfunction:

Broken remote

This may sound obvious, but make sure you check that your remote is working correctly. If the open/close button on the wall of your garage works, and the remote doesn’t, you likely just need a new remote or batteries. If it’s the remote that’s broken, the good news is you probably don’t need an emergency door repair, and your actual garage door should be just fine!

Misalignment on the photo eye

The idea of lining up two safety sensors may seem complicated, but all you need to check is that the two sensors across from each other at the bottom of your garage door aren’t obstructed. Look for dirt and debris in the way, and measure the height of each sensor to make sure they face each other perfectly.

Problem on the tracks

There could also be an issue with your garage door tracks – the set of guides and rollers that your garage door moves along. Make sure the rollers aren’t broken, and look for blockages or missing bolts on the tracks, which can prevent your garage door from opening and closing properly.

Obstructed path

Another common cause for a malfunctioning steel door, commercial door, garage door, or bifold doors is an obstructed path. Check to make sure there is no excess snow, tree branches, or other items blocking the door or sensors.

Disconnect switch is enabled

In the case of a power outage, garage doors have a disconnect switch that can be enabled to manually open and close the door. The switch is usually attached to a rope, and if it’s been disconnected from the motor, you may need to reconnect it to disable the switch.

Issues with the transmitters

For your garage door to work properly, you’ll need to be using your transmitter within range. Additionally, make sure there isn’t something stuck that’s pressing the buttons of your transmitter at random, check the frequency of your transmitter, and make sure the batteries aren’t dead. If your garage door opens or closes on its own, it might just be on the same frequency as your neighbour!

Lock mode is on

There are lots of garage doors that come with manual locks on the inside, so have a look and make sure the lock on the garage door handle hasn’t been set from the inside. If the problem is with the keypad, you can reset it and deactivate the lock mode by holding the keypad button down for a few seconds. Commercial and residential door repair in Edmonton is easy if the problem is just reversing the lock mode.

Garage door limits are set incorrectly

Limits are the settings that tell your garage when it’s completely open and closed. If they’re off, the door may not stay closed. These can be adjusted on the garage door motor, and you can consult your owner’s manual for more specifics.

No power

Without power, your garage door isn’t going to function. Make sure your power source is plugged into a working outlet, and double check your circuit breaker or fuse.

Broken springs or cables

There are springs along the top and sides of your garage door. If they snap, the cables can snap too, which impacts the function of your door. If broken springs or cables are the problem, always consult a professional for garage door service.

Now, if your garage door ever stops working, you’ll know some of the most common causes. When the problem is more complex, the door technicians at Abe’s Door Service are never more than a phone call away.